Pre-Order Information


Living on the road has its perks, but an RV doesn't have a lot of space for inventory. As we continue to grow and create new styles, all 26 & Decent apparel items will initially be available for pre-order. After pre-order periods expire, we will carry limited quantities in popular styles.   

Pre-order periods will typically last 2 weeks. Once the pre-order period has expired, all items will be sent to our printer for production. We will ship all pre-orders 2-3 weeks after the pre-order period has expired. We will send you an email once the pre-order period ends, and another when your order ships. You will be charged the full amount, plus taxes and shipping fees, at the time of your pre-order.

Should any problems arise in production, we will send you an email to let you know. During this time, you will be able to cancel your order for a full refund (including taxes and shipping fees) if you wish.